Archduke Karl von Habsburg: A Modern Monuments Man

HIRH Karl von Habsburg, Imperial Prince and Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia

Archduke Karl von Habsburg, LLM, is truly a modern “Monuments Man.” As president of the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield and a former member of the European Parliament for Austria, he has specialized in international humanitarian law and intangible cultural heritage protection. Archduke Karl von Habsburg has most recently worked to save cultural artifacts and historical sites in many modern crisis-ravaged parts of Arica and the Middle East. He is a relative of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination in Sarajevo triggered World War I, 100 years ago this June. In 1961, the Archduke’s father, Otto von Habsburg, renounced all claims to the Austrian throne. Here’s a rare chance to meet a descendant of European Royalty, who is currently working to preserve the world’s most precious treasures.