Past Event

Stephen Palumbi and Anthony Palumbi: The Extreme Life of the Sea

Image - Stephen Palumbi: The Extreme Life of the Sea
Wed, Apr 16 2014 - 6:00pm

Stephen R. Palumbi, Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Director of the Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University; Co-author, The Extreme Life of the Sea
Anthony Palumbi, Writer; Co-author, The Extreme Life of the Sea

Stephen Palumbi, one of today’s leading marine scientists, and his son Anthony, a writer, take us on an adventure to the absolute limits of the aquatic world – the fastest and deepest, the hottest and oldest creatures of the oceans, diving into the icy Arctic and boiling hydrothermal vents all while exposing the eternal darkness of the deepest undersea trenches to demonstrate how marine life thrives against the odds. He also discusses how ocean adaptations can inspire innovative commercial products – such as fan blades modeled on the flippers of humpback whales – and how climate change and overfishing could pose the greatest threats yet to our planet's tenacious marine life.