Image - Annual Matsui Lecture at UC Berkeley
Image - Annual Matsui Lecture at UC Berkeley


Annual Matsui Lecture at UC Berkeley: Responding To Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Howard Berman, Former Congressman and Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

American foreign policy is front and center. As President Obama has enacted his policy agenda, he has been both praised and condemned for his actions. Join the Institute of Governmental Studies and the Matsui Center as we dive into American foreign policy by examining how policy surrounding Iran and nuclear weapons has been shaped and should be shaped moving forward. Berman will pull from his years of experience in international relations to examine the current state of Iran and nuclear weapons. He will discuss what options he sees for dealing with this issue, including diplomacy, sanctions and other alternatives as he takes a critical look at the various steps that have already been taken and what actions he believes will be necessary in the future.

April 9, 2014