Past Event

Henry R. Nau: Conservative Internationalism: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

Image - Henry Nau: Conservative Internationalism: What Is It and Why Do We Need
Thu, Feb 20 2014 - 6:00pm

Professor, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University; Former Member, President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council; Author, Conservative Internationalism: Armed Diplomacy under Jefferson, Polk, Truman, and Reagan

Kori Schake, Research fellow, Hoover Institution – Moderator-

Debates about whether and how much the U.S. should stay engaged in the world revolve around three main traditions: liberal internationalism, realis and nationalism. Political scientist and former White House senior staffer Nau delves into a fourth overlooked foreign policy tradition called "conservative internationalism." This tradition offers the United States a way to stay engaged in the world at acceptable cost and avoid what he says is another tempting but wrongheaded withdrawal after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. From January 1981 to July 1983, Nau served on President Reagan's National Security Council as senior staff member responsible for international economic affairs. Among other duties he was the White House sherpa for the annual G-7 Economic Summits at Ottawa (1981), Versailles (1982) and Williamsburg (1983) and a special summit (prelude to the G-20) with developing countries at Cancun, Mexico (1982).