Scott Carroll: Conciliation Biology

An Approach to Conservation that Reconciles Past, Present and Future Landscapes in Nature

Scott Carroll, Ph.D., Founding Director, Institute for Contemporary Evolution and Department of Entomology, UC Davis

Biologists are now considering the “conciliatory approach.” This approach recognizes that mutual adaptation of native and non-native species is changing best practices for promoting biodiversity. Dr. Carroll investigates how organisms respond to human-caused environmental change. Carroll advocates for interdisciplinary solutions to problems of environmental conservation.

This program is part of “The Science of Conservation and Biodiversity in the 21st Century.” This series of lectures will present a new way of looking at public policy issues in conservation. The things we’ve assumed as facts often are not. Traditional approaches are losing ground as science illuminates new pathways for framing and achieving conservation goals.

Program Organizers: Chisako Ress and Dee Seligman
Also know: Part of the Science of Conservation and Biodiversity in the 21st Century series.