Past Event

Jesse Adams: Nanotechnology and the World Within

Image - Jesse Adams: Nanotechnology
Mon, Nov 25 2013 - 6:00pm

Jesse Adams, Ph.D, Vice President and CTO, NevadaNano; Managing Member, Nanolabz; Managing Member, Nanojems; Senior Author, Nanotechnology: The Whole Story

An award-winning speaker, educator, technology developer and parallel entrepreneur (NevadaNano, Nanolabz, Nanojems), Adams will lead you on a journey from the cosmos to the world within. He is the senior author of the award-winning textbook Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems, which has recently been transformed into the new general audiences book Nanotechnology: The Whole Story. Adams brings an understanding of scale and of the forces that bind us together and delights audiences in seeing the connections and wonder of the world we share. He will review nanotechnology, including topics from his new book and one of his latest technology developments, the Molecular Property Spectrometer, which just won an R&D 100 award and will be highlighted this fall in publication and then with an award at the "Oscars of Innovation" in Orlando Florida

MLF: Science & Technology
Program Organizers: Chisako Ress and Tom Devine