Y Combinator Grads: Founders’ Stories

Ammon Bartram, Co-founder, Socialcam
Jude Gomila, Co-founder, Heyzap.com
Bill Clerico, Founder and CEO, WePay
Justin Kan, Co-founder, Justin.tv
Peter Delevett, Startups and Venture Capital Writer, San Jose Mercury News - Moderator

Companies like Social Cam, Heyzap and WePay are all very different, but they have one mighty factor in common: they received their initial green and insider know-how from Y Combinator. Heralded by Wired as the “most prestigious program for budding digital entrepreneurs,” YC utilizes an expert formula of seed funding, peer networking and a three-month do-or-die boot camp to whip its mentees into startup shape. But how do the incubator’s graduates fare when the training comes to an end? What is it about this program that turns out such a wide range of wildly successful companies? Join us as some of Y Combinator’s illustrious graduates share stories of how to succeed and fail in the startup community and the lessons they’ve learned from the most infamous and celebrated incubator in the Valley.