Women and Under-represented Students of Color in STEM Education

Maynard Holliday, 2012 President’s Volunteer Service Award winner; Volunteer of the Year, Citizen Schools; Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories
Sue Rosser, Provost, San Francisco State University; Author, Breaking into the Lab: Engineering Progress for Women in Science
Jarvis Sulcer, Ph.D.; Executive Director, Level Playing Field Institute
Katherine Nielsen, Co-director, Science & Health Education Partnership (UCSF); Co-author, Girls in Science: A Framework for Action – Moderator

The global competitiveness of the United States and of California has been attributed, in part, to our aptitude in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We are losing this lead. Despite the high demand and compensation in many STEM fields, there is a scarcity of women and under-representation of students of color entering STEM fields. This panel will discuss the present state of the biases and barriers that may create this gap, as well as the needs and means to improve equity.

MLF: Science & Technology
Program Organizer: Richard Karnesky and Chisako Ress
Also know: In association with Level Playing Field Institute