NY Times Reporter Mark Mazzetti: Inside the CIA and America's Covert Operations

Mark Mazzetti, National Security Reporter, The New York Times; Winner, Pulitzer Prize

Philip Yun, Executive Director and COO , Ploughshares Fund - Moderator

According to Mazzetti, the CIA, created as a Cold War espionage service, is now more than ever a paramilitary agency ordered by the White House to kill off the nation's enemies: from the sustained bombing campaign in the mountains of Pakistan and the deserts of Yemen and North Africa to the simmering clan wars in Somalia. For its part, the Pentagon has turned into the CIA, dramatically expanding spying missions in the dark spaces of U.S. foreign policy, like Iran. Mazzetti will share what he has learned by following and reporting on these secret wars over the past decade, including tracking key characters from the intelligence and military communities across the world.

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