Past Event

Candida Moss: The Myth of Persecution

Wed, Mar 13 2013 - 6:00pm

The Myth of Persecution

Candida Moss, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of Notre Dame; Author, The Myth of Persecution

Professor Moss posits that the early Church inflated and outright fabricated stories of Christian persecution as a means of growing their numbers. She also explains that the Church has, for centuries, carefully honed this perception of martyrdom to silence dissent and galvanize new generations of culture warriors. Citing recent examples (including Mitt Romney’s assertion that President Obama is waging a “war on religion” and Rick Santorum’s claim that the gay community “had gone out on a jihad” against him), Moss states that this rhetoric remains both politically popular and dangerous.

MLF: Humanities
Location:  SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program, 7 p.m. book signing
Cost: $20 standard, $8 members, $7 students (with valid ID)
Program Organizer: George Hammond