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Water: Innovating for the Essential Resource

Water: Innovating for the Essential Resource

Jake Norton, Co-founder and Lead Climber, Challenge 21
Evan Thomas, Assistant Professor and Director, The SWEET Lab; Executive Vice President, Manna Energy Limited
Jon Rose, Professional Surfer; Founder, Waves for Water
Peter Gleick, Water Expert; Co-founder and President, Pacific Institute; MacArthur Fellow
Jason Mark, Editor, Earth Island Journal - Moderator

Water: We can’t live without it – but most of the world practically does. The event will begin with a meaningful but refreshing conversation about the global water crisis and those working on creative new approaches for providing clean drinking water. Hear from the leaders in the field and find out more about innovative projects like a town run entirely off recycled water, collaborative coalitions and breakout projects that deliver on reliable and safe water for those who need it most. After the kick-off panel, we’ll dive right into an interactive social in an attempt to grasp the realities of H20 hardships and opportunities. It’s the ultimate genesis of life as we know it - let’s hear the stories and wade neck-deep into the worldwide water crisis.

Location: Levi’s Auditorium, 1155 Battery St.
Time: 6 p.m. check-in, 6:30 p.m. program, 7:30 book signing and networking reception
Cost: $20 standard, $12 members, $7 students
Also know: Underwritten by Levi Strauss & Co.  Photo by Flickr user TU Delft.

November 7, 2012