Marc Freedman: Baby Boomers Defer Retirement for 'Encore Careers'

Baby Boomers Defer Retirement for "Encore Careers"

Marc Freedman, Author, The Big Shift; CEO, Civic Ventures

Remember “the golden years”? The time of life when you shed your job and the shackles of time schedules for the free-flying freedom of retirement? How quaint. These days, more and more Americans are nixing the notion of retirement in their 50s, 60s or even 70s. One of them is Freedman of Berkeley, whose latest book, The Big Shift, paints a bold picture of the new paradigm. Freedman will discuss how people are working well into their senior years because a) they need the money, b) they’re living longer, healthier lives and c) they like being productive and don’t want to be idle. Freedman, who at 53 is far from retiring, opens his book with his own quasi-midlife crisis, when he turned 50 “and decided to take a break.”

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