Jeffrey D. Yergler: The Psychological Impact of Unemployment

The Psychological Impact of Unemployment

Jeffrey D. Yergler, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor of Management and Chair of the Undergraduate Management Department, Golden Gate University; Principal, Integer Leadership Consulting

Unemployment is often a devastating experience, going beyond upending the financial stability of the individual. Unemployment can impact marriages, children, friendships and social participation. However, there is a far more insidious psychological toxicity at work within the unemployed person that is not often seen or understood and which carries deeper and broader implications for unemployed persons. The experience of unemployment in today's labor market has significant implications from a national and even global perspective. Dr. Yergler will explore the psychological issues that result from unemployment as well as the far-reaching implications of unemployment for the U.S. labor force.

MLF: Psychology
Location: SF Club Office
Time: 4:45 p.m. networking reception, 5:15 p.m. program
$20 standard, MEMBERS FREE, $7 students (with valid ID)
Program Organizer: Patrick O'Reilly
Also know: Part of the Future of Work series, sponsored by Wells Fargo and Ernst & Young