Azerbaijan: Central Asia's Non-OPEC Energy Option

Azerbaijan: Central Asia’s Non-OPEC Energy Option

Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan Consul General, Western United States

Standing at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations, Azerbaijan, a secular, modern, majority-Muslim nation, has an important geographic position, on the western shore of the energy-rich Caspian Sea. It is a significant producer of oil and natural gas, distributing energy to Europe and other regions through its huge BTC Pipeline, a non-OPEC source of oil terminating in NATO-allied Turkey and the open Mediterranean. Azerbaijan is also an important hub for transit of Eastern Caspian oil and gas from other Central Asian nations including Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Suleymanov, the Republic of Azerbaijan’s first consul general to the Western United States, will explain the global significance of this Central Asian country.

MLF: Asia-Pacific Affairs
SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program
$8 members, $15 non-members
Program Organizer: Cynthia Miyashita

February 10, 2010