Western Mediterranean Civilizations

On this Mediterranean Sea adventure touching two continents, cruise to the temples and cities left behind by waves of civilizations, including prehistoric peoples and the ancient Greeks, Carthaginians, and Romans. Sail aboard Sea Cloud II as it travels from Malta to Sicily, Tunisia, and Spain’s Balearic Islands. In Sicily, visit the magnificent Greek ruins of Agrigento and Segesta. In the North African country of Tunisia, experience Tunis and the ancient city of Carthage. In Sardinia, wander through Su Nuraxi di Barumini to see nuraghi, imposing Bronze Age structures only found on this island, and tour Cagliari, Sardinia’s ancient capital. Sail to the island of Menorca and its picturesque capital Mahón. Disembark in Tarragona.

Oct 13 - Oct 22, 2024  (10 Days)

from $9,999 per person, double occupancy

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    Download the brochure for complete details and pricing.

    Download the brochure for complete details and pricing.

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