The Ascent of Woman Series-Outliers and Outperformers: Women in Fund Management (7/30/2010)


The evolving status of women in the world today will be explored at The Commonwealth Club throughout the month of August in the series The Ascent of Woman.

Through speakers, panels, films and art, we will examine this transformational period in women's history, this dramatic shift from the expectation of our mothers' choices, to how we work and live today in ways that reach out through our families and communities to reverberate throughout the nation.

The Ascent of Woman series will illuminate women's lives today, where women are redefining what a 'woman's place' will be.

Outliers and Outperformers: Women in Fund Management

Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments
Ivka Kalus-Bysticky, Portfolio Manager,The Pax World International Fund
Luz Padilla, Head of Emerging Markets Fixed Income, Doubleline
Mary Ellen Stanek, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, Robert W. Baird & Co.
Cathy Curtis, Investment Advisor, Curtis Financial Planning - Moderator

The position of portfolio manager occupies the apex of the career hierarchy in the world of investment management. Yet the gender gap remains inordinately wide in this industry. Though women own half of the investment wealth in the U.S., one recent study found that only 10 percent of mutual fund managers and 3 percent of hedge fund managers are women. What barriers confront female analysts and traders who aspire to take their place at the helm of professionally managed portfolios? And how did those exceptional women who have joined this elite circle achieve their breakthrough success? What are their lives like – inside and outside of work? How can more women join the small but distinguished ranks of female money managers? Our panelists will explore these issues and more.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on July 30, 2010