This week at The Commonwealth Club:


  • Middle East Discussion Group Chesley Sullenberger
  • Green Myths Busted
  • Science & Technology Planning Meeting
  • Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger: Stories from American Leaders (program is in Lafayette)
  • Innovators without Borders (the Blueseed plan; program is in Silicon Valley)


  • Paul Krugman: End This Depression Now (this event is SOLD OUT)
  • Mourad Lahlou: New Moroccan


  • On Assignment with National Geographic
  • David Talbot: A Wild Ride Through San Francisco's Recent Past


  • U.S.-Cuba Relations and the Cuban EconomyTalbot
  • The Golden Gate Bridge at 75: What Makes an Icon


  • Week to Week (this program RESCHEDULED to June 29)

Plus language classes, committee meetings, and more. For more info on our events and to reserve tickets: