Cuba from East to West- SOLD OUT

This trip to the island is perfect for those that want to experience a longer more comprehensive trip, and who like to go a bit off the beaten path.

Experience Santiago, Cuba's second largest city, with its revolutionary history and Carribean influences in music, art and food. Meet artists and musicians, and speak with members of a children's choir. Experience the Moncada Barracks, where the first armed assault of the Revolution took place, and visit the residence of Diego Velazquez. In seaside Baracoa learn about small towns in Cuba.

In vibrant Havana explore the old city as we learn about Havana's history and architecture. Discuss private ownership in Cuba in with a tobacco farmer, and visit an artist community project in the Vinales Valley. Converse with artists at a print making workshop. See some of the world's best flamenco dancers in a private performance.  Witness this exciting time as small private enterprises are growing throughout the island and learn about the complexity of a dual currency system. Take a tour of the excellent Fine Arts Museum and learn how politics and social concerns are communicated through art. Discuss U.S. foreign policy with Cuba during a visit to the U.S. Interests Section.

Join us for a private and exclusive program with the Commonwealth Club that shows you both sides of this island nation, so long off-limits to U.S. travelers.
All participants must agree in writing to take part in the activities of the tour and abide by the license requirements set by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Words from our travelers:

“Don’t change a thing.” – 2013 Cuba, Joyce Turley Nicholas
“Each stop was interesting and varied; which created an amazing mosaic of the complicated Cuban experience.” – 2013 Cuba, Nikki Young
“The speakers were all great.” – 2013 Cuba, Larry Friedman
"We came home with a much more nuanced understanding of the history of the region and, in particular, U.S.-Cuban relations.” -Susan Milstein, 2012 Journey to Cuba

“Exceeded expectations.” -Elliot Morrison, 2012 Journey to Cuba
“You provided an authentic cultural and historic experience. The current situation in Cuba was presented well and provided a rich experience.” -Robert MacDonald, 2012 Journey to Cuba
“The Commonwealth Club always delivers.” -Christine Gould, 2012 Journey to Cuba
“One of the things that surprised me in Cuba was the beauty, variety, and the unique creativity of the visual arts.” - Bob Sessler, 2012 Journey to Cuba
“It was one of two trips in my life that was astounding.” - Jo Wunderlich, 2012 Journey to Cuba
“This was our second trip with the Commonwealth Club – Antarctica and Cuba. I was impressed with both programs. Please keep up the great service.” - James Bates, 2012 Journey to Cuba



<p>$5,890 per person, based on double occupancy (include charter flight Miami to Havana and flights within Cuba)<br />
$500 Single room supplement<br />
<p>Travelers should arrive to Miami the day before the program, so as to ensure making the charter flight to Cuba on the first day of the trip. (Airport hotel information will be provided.)&nbsp;<br />

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