Galápagos Expedition

The moment you set foot on your first island in Galápagos you'll see that curiosity and fearlessness are a way of life. Whether you're strolling the islands' pristine beaches, searching for the spectacular waved albatross, or snorkeling with Galápagos penguins, a feeling of freedom surrounds you. Join us as we explore the enchanted islands of Galápagos, a region teeming with unusual and remarkable wildlife. Swim and snorkel with playful sea lions, walk among giant tortoises, and watch as blue-footed boobies perform courtship dances. Take the opportunity to visit the Charles Darwin Research station and learn about vital conservation efforts.

From aboard our comfortable expedition ship, we navigate the volcanic archipelago, and our nimble Zodiacs and a fleet of kayaks take us further in our exploration for up-close views of Galápagos wildlife. A team of expert naturalists (including an Undersea Specialist) and Expedition Leader share their specialized knowledge to deepen our experience.


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