Empires of the Mediterranean Sea

For thousands of years, the Mediterranean has been the highway to empire. Visit Turkey, Greece, Malta, Croatia and Italy aboard the Corinthian II, which follows the wake of empire-builders, who spread civilization and culture throughout the Mediterranean.

In Istanbul, explore the glorious monuments of the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. On the island of Chios, visit the Nea Moni monastery, adorned with beautiful mosaics created by artists from Constantinople. In Valletta, witness exuberant architecture built by the Knights of St. John to celebrate their victory over the Turks before sailing to Croatia to see the medieval towns of Kotor and Dubrovnik, with their interplay of Venetian, Slavic, and Islamic influences. And at Nafpaktos view the site of the Battle of Lepanto, where a Christian fleet crushed the Turkish navy. Study leaders lecture on the ancient and modern history of the Mediterranean.


<p>From $7,995 per person, based on double occupancy</p>

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