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Wed 10/28

Image - Diana Nyad: Never Give Up

Diana Nyad: Never Give Up

Date: Wed, October 28, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM

Diana Nyad, Long Distance Swimmer; Author, Find a Way; Twitter @diananyad
Alison van Diggelen, Host, “Fresh Dialogues”; Contributor, BBC – Moderator

Good Lit event underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation

Never, ever give up. You’re never too old to chase your dreams. It takes a team. That became Nyad’s mantra after four failed attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida. Nyad finally accomplished her life-long dream in 2013, at the age of 64, welcomed by hundreds of people lining the beach at her destination in Key West.

How can repeated failures contribute to success? Nyad shares some of the important physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological lessons she learned when facing her fears and striving to live life with no regrets. Hear more about her inspiring story and record-breaking 110-mile swim. 

Image - Understanding Digital Video and the Future of Social Media

Understanding Digital Video and the Future of Social Media

Date: Wed, October 28, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM

Jon Leland, Founding Director of Creative Services, USA Network; Author, Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know

Social media, mobile marketing and cloud-based computing are the most widely understood mega-trends that are revolutionizing online communications. In this eye-opening presentation, media innovator and pioneer Jon Leland goes a step further to illuminate how these new forms of multimedia—and digital video in particular—are creating revolutionary new channels that are democratizing media consumption and creation. Consumers are more empowered, but so are businesses and organizations as well as content creators. Anyone can now reach customers, audiences and constituencies in entirely new ways.

Surprisingly, in Leland's view, the real power is fueled by humanistic values, such as authentic engagement. Leland will explain the long-term implications of these fresh new digital video and social media ecosystems, including the veritable explosion in video-based pay-per-click advertising (via Facebook and YouTube), new content sponsorship trends (via Kickstarter and Patreon) and the latest music offering from Apple.

Image - Joe Klein: Time Columnist

Joe Klein: Time Columnist

Date: Wed, October 28, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
War heroes' stories of inspiration and leadership.

Joe Klein, Columnist, Time; Author, Charlie Mike: A True Story of Heroes Who Brought Their Mission Home

A Good Lit program underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation

To serve your country can mean more than shipping off overseas to fight a war. Navy SEAL veteran Eric Greitens and former Marine Sergeant Jake Wood prove that in their stories of inspiration and leadership. After returning from their tours, both Greitens and Wood had a sense of futility, and when they met with other veterans, they found that many wanted to continue to serve their country regardless of their injuries. So Greitens founded The Mission Continues program. He and fellow leader Wood, along with other determined veterans, have worked together to provide public services within their local communities.

Join us as author Joe Klein, who wrote about these two heroes’ stories, discusses how Greitens and Wood have saved the lives of those who gave everything they had for their country.

Thu 10/29

Image - Who Runs the World? Women with Power and Purpose

Who Runs the World? Women with Power and Purpose

Date: Thu, October 29, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
Melanne Verveer, Kim Azzarelli and Andrea Jung

Melanne Verveer, Co-Founder, Seneca Point Global; Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security
Kim Azzarelli, Co-Founder, Seneca Point Global; Chair and Co-founder, Avon Global Center for Women and Justice
Andrea Jung, President and CEO, Grameen; Former CEO, Avon Products, Inc.

Today, women are fast emerging as one of the most powerful and influential demographics the world has ever seen. From 1997 to 2014, women-owned businesses in America grew one and half times faster than the national average. In 2012, it was estimated that as many as a billion women would enter the world economy over the following decade. Yet, the subject of women serving as the key role in today’s global economy still has not gained much traction. Recognizing the need for change, Verveer and Azzarelli co-founded Seneca Point Global, an organization dedicated to developing a global strategy to unlock opportunities for women across the globe. Now, they’re coming out with Fast Forward, a book unfolding how some of the world’s most powerful women, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Salma Hayek, Christine Lagarde, Ursula Burns, and Diane von Furstenberg, are using their growing economic power to achieve success and how you can do the same.

Join us for a conversation with Melanne Vereer, Kim Azzarelli and Andrea Jung, the president and CEO of Grameen America, who is committed to supporting low-income women through microfinancing and financial education.

Fri 10/30

Baseball Legend Dusty Baker: Reflections on Rock Music, Baseball, and Life

Date: Fri, October 30, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
The personal journey of this sports legend

Dusty Baker, Former Manager, San Francisco Giants; Author, Kiss The Sky: My Weekend in Monterey for the Greatest Rock Concert Ever
In conversation with Greg Dalton, Vice President, Climate One, The Commonwealth Club

Part of The Good Lit Series underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation

Dusty Baker enjoyed a 19-year career as a hard-hitting outfielder, primarily with the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers, and then 20 years as a manager with the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. He led the Giants to the 2002 National League pennant, and his 671 wins as a manager rank 16th all time. But that’s only part of his story.

For his 18th birthday, Dusty Baker's parents gave him a great present: Two tickets to the Monterey Pop Festival of June 1967, a three-day event featuring more than 30 bands. Baker's lifelong love of music was set in motion, from country to hip-hop to Jimi Hendrix, whom Baker calls the most exciting performer he's ever seen. He went on to years of friendship with musicians from B.B. King and John Lee Hooker to Elvin Bishop and Carlos Santana. Come hear the rockin’ personal journey of this sports legend.

Mon 11/2

Image - The 49ers Champion Levi’s® Stadium: The First LEED Gold New Stadium and Venue

The 49ers Champion Levi’s® Stadium: The First LEED Gold New Stadium and Venue

Date: Mon, November 02, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM
Learn about sustainable management, design, function and construction

Jim Mercurio, Vice President of Stadium Management and General Manager of Levi's® Stadium
Pat Rogan, Director of Engineering Operations, 49ers Stadium Management Company

Achieving the LEED gold certification for the 49ers new home field is the first such championship achievement for a new stadium. Its builders hope it will serve as a model for sports leadership in environmental design and construction worldwide. Join us to learn about the sustainable management, design, function and construction of the Levi's Stadium — home to the 49ers and host of Super Bowl 50 in February 2016. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design [LEED] gold rating is determined by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Tue 11/3

Image - Simon Winchester: The Pacific

Simon Winchester: The Pacific

Date: Tue, November 03, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
Our relationship with largest ocean of the planet

Simon Winchester, Historian & Author, A Crack in the Edge of the World and Pacific: Silicon Chips and Surfboards, Coral Reefs and Atom Bombs, Brutal Dictators, Fading Empires, and the Coming Collision of the World’s Superpowers

It is said that we have more knowledge of our solar system than of our oceans, though people navigate, fish and swim along the shores of the Pacific every day. Winchester offers an enthralling biography of the Pacific Ocean and its role in the modern world. He explores our relationship with largest ocean of the planet and discusses how the unmapped depths will define our future.

Winchester traces our geological history and describes his personal journey down the Alaskan highway, Yangtze River, Panama Canal, Philippines, northern Queensland and his time jailed in Tierra del Fugo, the land at the end of the world. He will share what he has learned and what we can look forward to.

Image - Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel

Date: Tue, November 03, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM
Former ABC News Anchor Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel, Former Anchor, ABC News; Author, Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

Imagine a blackout lasting not days, but weeks or months. Tens of millions of people left in the dark without running water or access to grocery stores, banks, or medical facilities. How will we survive?

According to veteran journalist Koppel, this isn’t just a story line from a movie but a realistic scenario. A well-designed attack on just one of our nation’s three electric power grids could cripple much of our existing infrastructure. And while our federal government is well prepared for natural disasters, there is no plan for the aftermath of an attack on our power system.

Koppel examines this potential threat and advises on the best ways to avoid a cyberattack catastrophe.

Wed 11/4

Image - Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social

Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 11/4/15

Date: Wed, November 04, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
An election-time political roundtable!

Panelists TBA

Join us as we explore the biggest, most controversial, and sometimes the surprising political issues with expert commentary by panelists who are smart, are civil, and have a good sense of humor. Join our panelists for informative and engaging commentary on political and other major news, audience discussion of the week’s events, and our live news quiz!

And stay after the program to meet other smart and engaged individuals and discuss the news over snacks and wine at our member social (open to all attendees).

Travels in France with Terrance

Date: Wed, November 04, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
Sample the varied richness of France

Terrance Gelenter, Author, Travels in France with Terrance and Paris par Hasard: from Bagels to Brioches

Join Terrance Gelenter to sample the varied richness of France – food, wine and culture. His travels have taken him from the green, rain-soaked pastures of Normandy, providing cheese and butter for both eating and cooking, to the confit de canard and goose fat of the southwest, to Provence where olive oil is king. Gelenter often has a smile on his face when he pinches himself to make sure that his life isn’t a dream.

Your Health, Your Wealth: Seven Steps to Planning Ahead For Long Term Care

Date: Wed, November 04, 2015
Time: 5:15 PM

Denise Michaud, CLTC, Independent Insurance Broker

Most people used to rely upon family for their long-term care. In the 1960s, insurance for nursing home and home care was developed, later called LTC insurance, to provide funds for professional caregivers. Over time there have been many changes to LTC insurance, and new types of products have been introduced. Learn how to decide how much LTC insurance to buy versus relying upon your own assets, your family members or MediCal.

Fri 11/6

Image - Marion Nestle: Soda Politics

Marion Nestle: Soda Politics

Date: Fri, November 06, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
Pressure on Big Soda to build healthier food systems

Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor, New York University; Author, Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning); Twitter @marionnestle

Sodas are remarkable products. Little more than flavored sugar water, these drinks cost practically nothing to produce or buy, yet have turned their makers – principally Coca-Cola and PepsiCo – into a multibillion-dollar industry with global recognition, distribution and political power. Billed as “refreshing,” “tasty,” “crisp” and “the real thing,” sodas are also so well established as contributing factors to poor dental hygiene, higher calorie intake, obesity and type-2 diabetes that critics say the first line of defense against any of these conditions is to simply stop drinking them. Habitually drinking large volumes of soda is proven to not only harm individual health, but also burden society with runaway healthcare costs.

Join us as Dr. Nestle addresses the tools she says the public needs to keep up pressure on Big Soda to build healthier and more sustainable food systems.


Mon 11/9

Challenges in Covering International News

Date: Mon, November 09, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
With former CNN VP Parisa Khosravi

Parisa Khosravi, Former Vice President for Global Relations and News Gathering, CNN
Robert Rosenthal, Executive Director, Center for Investigative Reporting – Moderator

CNN has said that no one has played a greater role in the emergence and dominance of CNN international news gathering than Parisa Khosravi. Khosravi, a journalist and expert in crisis risk management, has covered some of the world's most dangerous places. She will now discuss her experiences relating to important world leaders and covering historic events such as the Iraqi War, the Arab Spring and Syria.

America's Future Role in Global Security

Date: Mon, November 09, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM
Monday Night Philosophy revisits America’s foreign policy

Eugene Gholz, Stanley Kaplan Visiting Professor of American Foreign Policy, Williams College
David M. Kennedy, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History Emeritus, Stanford University; Author, Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War (Pulitzer Prize)
Kori Schake, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Monday Night Philosophy revisits America’s foreign policy. The United States a neutral nation for 150 years after its inception, observing George Washington’s “Great Rule.” Following the Truman Doctrine, some argue that the U.S. has acted as the world's policeman for the past 70 years. Are we ready for a third phase of American history? Is the global community ready? The panelists will debate questions and possibilities regarding the U.S. as an empire or an umpire for the rest of the world, raised in the forthcoming PBS documentary, American Umpire, based upon the book by Elizabeth Cobbs.

Activist/Philanthropist Jacob Lief: How to Help Society’s Most Vulnerable

Date: Mon, November 09, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
Addressing challenges throughout the world

Jacob Lief, Founder and CEO, Ubuntu; Author, I Am Because You Are Here
In conversation with Daniel Lurie, CEO and Founder, Tipping Point Community

When Jacob Lief cofounded Ubuntu Education Fund in 1999, it started small, trying to address a single aspect of the educational crisis in South Africa. He quickly realized that even when students had books, pencils and notebooks, many continued to struggle in the classroom, distracted by hunger, issues at home and HIV/AIDS. As Ubuntu grew, he discovered that a traditional development model does not have the capacity to address the complex challenges that the community faces. Redefining the theory of “going to scale,” Ubuntu targets comprehensive household stability, health and educational services to a community of 400,000 people, focusing on the depth rather than the breadth of their impact.

Daniel Lurie’s Tipping Point Community has raised more than $80 million and reached more than 365,000 people in need in the Bay Area. Join Lief and Lurie for a conversation that challenges status-quo ideas about philanthropy and education and offers a unique approach to helping vulnerable populations throughout the world.

Image - 12 Mind-Blowing Success Secrets for Small Businesses

12 Mind-Blowing Success Secrets for Small Businesses

Date: Mon, November 09, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM

Rick Gilbert, Founder, PowerSpeaking, Inc; Author, Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations

After starting his business from scratch – literally, a rolodex and telephone in the bedroom – Rick Gilbert and his partner, Mary McGlynn, built PowerSpeaking, Inc., into a Silicon Valley legend with 30 employees and a worldwide footprint. Along the way, he found that the standard motivational slogans like "winners never quit" and "have a positive mental attitude" were not helpful. These success tips were learned by screwing up a lot. Be forewarned, this is not advice you will read in The Harvard Business Review.

Working for or running a small business? Come and learn the uncommon wisdom of why being a quitter and a pessimist is good for business, why "work/life balance" is nonsense; why you should be more like a jazz musician than a classical musician. And why you should fire the consultants.

Tue 11/10

Patient Safety: Get the Diagnosis Right

Date: Tue, November 10, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM
Join the discussion with medical experts

Elizabeth McGlynn, Ph.D., Director, Center for Effectiveness and Safety Research, Kaiser Permanente
Urmimala Sarkar, M.D., MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Kathryn McDonald, M.M., Executive Director, Center for Health Policy and the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research, Stanford University
George Lundberg, M.D., Professor, Pathology, Health Research Policy, Stanford University; Editor-at-Large, Medscape; Founder, The Lundberg Institute – Moderator

Modern medical science accepts it as fact that no one can know absolute medical truth. It is understood that diagnoses act as shortcuts for quickly conveying a common understanding of what certain symptoms imply about a body's state of health. But diagnostic errors can be as lethal as therapeutic errors. The fifth annual Lundberg Institute Lecture welcomes three panelists from the National Academy of Medicine's Committee on Diagnostic Error in Health Care. They will discuss current knowledge of the dangers of false diagnoses in terms of its economic and personal costs. Join the discussion with medical experts focusing on how to improve diagnostic clarity and effectiveness.

Image - Atmosphere of Hope

Atmosphere of Hope

Date: Tue, November 10, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM

Tim Flannery, Author, Atmosphere of Hope
Ben Santer, Climate Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Rebecca Shaw, Senior Lead Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund

People concerned about climate disruption sometimes mope around like the fictional character Eeyore, convinced that humanity is doomed. But cause for hope is everywhere. Clean energy is advancing rapidly and people around the world are realizing the benefits of moving away from fossil fuels. Citizens are also learning to live with severe weather and the fires, floods and droughts that it brings.

When Tim Flannery, an Australian scientist, came to Climate One several years ago, he said California’s future happens first in Australia. He was right. Our current drought is so similar to Australia’s Big Dry that Sacramento officials last year sent a delegation down under to learn from it. What else can California learn from Australia? Can Australia’s carbon price come back from the dead? What does the latest science tell us about how the climate is changing?

Join us for a conversation about science, hope, and solutions.

Thu 11/12

A Holiday Toast to the 2015 Wine Harvest: Sustainable Practices and Pairings

A Holiday Toast to the 2015 Wine Harvest: Sustainable Practices and Pairings

Date: Thu, November 12, 2015
Time: 6:00 PM
Celebrate with outstanding wines

Jeffrey Landolt, Vineyard Manager, Benziger Family Winery
Josh Prigge, Sustainability Manager, Fetzer Vineyards
Kent Mann, Vice President, Central Valley Operations, Trinchero Family Estates
Cyril Penn, Editor in Chief, Wine Busines Monthly
Allison Jordan, Executive Director, California Sustainable Wine Growing Alliance – Moderator

Join our distinguished panelists as they share their year-long journey toward the 2015 vineyard harvest and the impact of their commitments to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and the desire to keep land and businesses sustainable for future generations. Following the program, continue the conversation with our panel and celebrate the holidays with a tasting of their outstanding wines.

Fri 11/13

Image - The Orbital Perspective

The Orbital Perspective

Date: Fri, November 13, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
With author Ron Garan

Ron Garan, Former NASA Astronaut; Author, The Orbital Perspective

Garan, a retired NASA astronaut who logged 178 days in space and 71 million miles in orbit, will discuss his perspective of his experience as an astronaut and his time spent on the International Space Station. He was a long-term resident of the ISS, where he lived and worked with U.S. and Russian crewmates. He also served aboard the space shuttle Discovery. He left NASA in 2013, but not before becoming the first person ever to give a TED Talk from space.

Today Garan applies three-dimensional thinking, or “the orbital perspective,” to long-term global problem solving – working, primarily, to create a more sustainable, peaceful planet, and combat world hunger, thirst and poverty.?

As founder of Manna Energy Foundation, a nonprofit social-enterprise incubator, Garan helps address the developing world’s need for fresh water, renewable energy and access to communications. He started Fragile Oasis, a one-of-a-kind humanitarian initiative connecting Earth dwellers with astronauts in space