Upcoming Events: Climate One

Thu 5/1

Image - Ecological Intelligence

Ecological Intelligence

Date: Thu, May 01, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM

Daniel Goleman, Author, Ecological Intelligence
Joshua Freedman, COO, Six Seconds; Author, Inside Change
George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley; Author, The Political Mind

Though ecological awareness is on the rise, environmental depredation continues at alarming rates. While many people cognitively understand that behavior has to change to save the planet, that knowledge isn’t often enough to trigger change. People hear about “the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” but they still buy bottled water and throw away plastic bags. The disconnect is rooted in understanding the human brain – and the way our brains actually process danger.

On the one hand, the long-term, slow threats that are destroying the planet don’t activate the human threat-response system. On the other, ringing alarm bells push people into short-term, survival-oriented, self-protective reactions.

Could the neuroscience of change and the role of emotion be the missing links to reducing carbon pollution? Can feelings bring people into action?

Mon 6/9

Image - Resource Revolution

Resource Revolution

Date: Mon, June 09, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM

Matt Rogers, Director, McKinsey & Co.; Co-author, Resource Revolution: How to Capture the Biggest Business Opportunity in a Century

With more than 2.5 billion people in developing countries poised to move into cities and out of poverty in the next couple of decades, the world is facing a huge economic shift. The rise of urban middle classes in Asia and elsewhere will put further strain on water, food and other resources already under stress and drive commodity prices higher.

Are those indicators of success or warnings of trouble ahead? A case can be made that human innovation usually trumps doomsday scenarios predicted by environmentalists.

Will business innovators be able to make enough stuff to satisfy the world’s burgeoning consumer class without wrecking the planet and triggering climatic chaos? Is techno-optimism delusional?

Wed 6/11

Image - GMOs: Necessary in a Hot and Crowded World?

GMOs: Necessary in a Hot and Crowded World?

Date: Wed, June 11, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM

Robert Fraley, Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto 
Andrew Kimbrell, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Food Safety 
Nathanael Johnson, Food Writer, Grist; Author, All Natural: A Skeptic's Quest to Discover If the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing, and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier
Jessica Lundberg, Seed Nursery Manager, Lundberg Family Farms

With global population climbing toward 10 billion, food security is a growing concern. Extreme droughts and floods have slammed agricultural exports from the United States, Australia and Russia in recent years. Future severe weather is expected to put upward pressure on crop prices. That prospect raises thorny questions. Is there a role for seeds that are genetically modified to be drought resistant? Can 10 billion people be fed without GMO crops? Can organics feed a growing and hungry world? Consumer support of full labeling of GMO products is getting the attention of food producers and retailers. Whole Foods recently said all GMO foods on its shelves must be labeled by 2018. General Mills announced that Cheerios would not include GMOs. Labeling laws are also being put before voters around the country. Join us for a discussion about the prospect and perils of tinkering with the genetics of our food supply as we brace for more climate disruption.