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Tue 8/5

Image - When Gay Isn’t Global: How Organizations Remain LBGT-friendly Where a Na
This event is Cancelled

When Gay Isn’t Global: How Organizations Remain LBGT-friendly Where a Nation Isn’t

Date: Tue, August 05, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM
The effect of corporate policy on international business.

DJ Peterson, President, Longview Capital Advisors; Twitter @dj_longview
Additional panelists TBA

The world has never been more divided on the issue of LGBT equality. National anti-LGBT laws create a widespread impact that extends beyond citizens and visitors. They create deep challenges for companies operating across international borders. Join DJ and other corporate leaders in an exploration of the challenges and benefits of maintaining an authentic commitment to corporate values on a global scale. How are executives “looking beyond” and thinking bigger than their businesses?

Wed 8/6

Image - LGBT Retirement Living: A Panel Discussion about Exclusive vs. Inclusive

LGBT Retirement Living: A Panel Discussion about Exclusive vs. Inclusive Communities

Date: Wed, August 06, 2014
Time: 5:15 PM

Marcy Adelman, Ph.D., LGBT Activist; Founder, Open House

Dr. Adelman will highlight some of the remarkable societal changes that have brought the LGBT community to the point of having its own retirement living options. A lively discussion follows by panelists from The Sequoias in San Francisco and Fountaingrove Lodge in Santa Rosa. They’ll talk about their choices to live in their respective communities – one a traditional retirement community and the other an LGBT inspired retirement option.

Tue 8/12

Image - Long Journey to Stonewall: An Illustrated History

Long Journey to Stonewall: An Illustrated History

Date: Tue, August 12, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM

Nancy C. Unger, Ph.D., Professor of History, Santa Clara University

Though tremendous gains are being made in revealing the long, rich, colorful, heartbreaking and inspiring history of LGBT people in the United States, often that history is reduced to the Stonewall Riots or, especially here in California, the life and martyrdom of Harvey Milk. This illustrated presentation highlights the documented presence of people acting on same-sex desires as early as the 1600s, actions surprisingly well-tolerated within their communities. We’ll follow the transformation of women’s “romantic friendships” into “Boston Marriages,” before the medicalization of homosexuality and the widespread “Beware the Lesbian!” campaign made loving relationships between women suspect.

Wed 8/13

Image - Closing the Gap: Crucial Transgender Issues Today
This event is Cancelled

Closing the Gap: Crucial Transgender Issues Today

Date: Wed, August 13, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM
Come explore the challenges facing the transgender community.

Cecilia Chung, Health Commissioner, City and County of San Francisco; Senior Strategist, Transgender Law Center; Former Chair, San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Despite incredible recent strides by the LGBT community in federal law, marriage equality and increased positive visibility in the media, the transgender community experiences a gap separating it from the rest of the LGBT community. Issues of violence, economic injustice and HIV in the transgender community are at a critical point today, demanding education, action and commitment. Join internationally renowned expert Cecilia Chung in exploring the challenges and solutions that will bring us all forward toward full equality.

Mon 8/18

Image - Gregory M. Herek: Beyond Homophobia

Gregory M. Herek: Beyond "Homophobia" - Thinking More Clearly About Sexual Stigma and Prejudice

Date: Mon, August 18, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM
Gregory M. Herek, Ph.D.; Professor of Psychology

Gregory M. Herek, Ph.D.; Professor of Psychology, University of California, Davis

The concept of homophobia – a word first coined in the 1960s – has played an important role in shifting society’s focus onto the problem of prejudice against people who aren’t heterosexual. But the word homophobia conveys a variety of assumptions that can actually limit our thinking. Drawing from social science research findings, including his own studies over the past 30 years, Herek will explain the value of looking beyond the usual conceptions of homophobia to develop a better understanding of stigma, discrimination and prejudice against sexual minorities, and to formulate effective strategies for changing attitudes.

Mon 8/25

Go to Marriage, the Movement and More: A Political and Legal Understanding of What LGBT Families Are Facing

Marriage, the Movement and More: A Political and Legal Understanding of What LGBT Families Are Facing

Date: Mon, August 25, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM
Three experts define the current status of marriage equality and adoption rights.

Deb Kinney, Partner, Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP
Juan Barajas, Development Director, Freedom to Marry
Deb Wald, Founder & Senior Partner, The Wald Law Group
Ignatius Bau, Health Care Policy Consultant - Moderator

Barajas from Freedom to Marry, the campaign to win marriage equality nationwide, will present the strategies being employed throughout the country to get marriage rights, an up-to-date analysis of how the movement is advancing and what can be expected in the future. Wald will explain the challenges and progression of parenting and adoption rights, including the new three-parent law in California. Kinney will talk about the legal and tax implications and complexities facing LGBT families, married or not. Whether you are LGBT, an ally or advisor, this session promises to be informative and current.

Wed 8/27

Image - Up Close With Marga Gomez

Up Close With Marga Gomez

Date: Wed, August 27, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM
Marga's comedy is exuberant, proudly Latina and slightly dorky.

Marga Gomez, Comedian; Playwright; Humorist; Twitter @margagomez

Join The Commonwealth Club for a lunchtime discussion with GLAAD award-winning comedian, writer, performer Marga Gomez as she prepares to bring her latest solo play “Lovebirds” to The Marsh Berkeley. Gomez is the author and performer of 10 solo plays that have been produced nationally and internationally. She teaches solo performance as a 2014 artist in residence at San Francisco’s Brava Theater. Gomez is also a triple winner of the SF Bay Guardian’s “Best Comedian” award and received Theatre LA’s Ovation Award. She got her comedy start in San Francisco at the historic gay comedy clubs Valencia Rose and Josie’s. Her television credits include HBO's "Comic Relief," Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival" and LOGO’s "One Night Stand Up." Gomez's acting credits include Off-Broadway and national productions of "The Vagina Monologues" and roles in Warner Bros films Sphere and Batman Forever.

Image - The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Deviance, Justice & Art

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Deviance, Justice & Art

Date: Wed, August 27, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM
Explore this vibrant charitable organization.

Panelists TBA

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a global charitable order of sexual orientation and identity minorities and supporters. It seeks to vanquish stigma about LGBT life and address what it sees as internalized homophobia within LGBT communities through art and social deviance. The sisters dress as nuns in drag and participate in communities in a similar fashion to traditional Catholic nuns, but with a very different message and decorum. From supporting LGBT non-profits through grant making and advocacy to supporting the marginalized on an individual level, the group has been a positive force in the LGBT community since the early days of the LGBT rights movement.

This program showcases the sisters both as social justice change agents and performance artists. The discussion will cover their goals and successes – from non-profits to individual support. There also will be a retrospective of their costumes, donned by current members, followed by a discussion.