Upcoming Events: Book Discussion

Mon 9/26

Humanities West Book Discussion: A Nervous Splendor, by Frederic Morton

Date: Mon, September 26, 2016
Time: 5:00 PM

Join us to discuss A Nervous Splendor. Frederic Morton deftly tells the haunting story of the Crown Prince Rudolf and his city, where, in the span of only 10 months, "the Western dream started to go wrong." Morton's story studies other young men just as frustrated as the prince, including young Sigmund Freud, Gustav Mahler, Theodor Herzl, Gustav Klimt, and the playwright Arthur Schnitzler, whose La Ronde was the great erotic drama of the fin de siecle. Morton interweaves their fates with that of the doomed prince and the entire city. Discussion led by Lynn Harris.

Mon 10/17

Reading Californians Book Discussion Group: Elevation: 6,040, by Earnest J. Finney

Date: Mon, October 17, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Book discussion group

Elevation: 6,040 by Earnest J. Finney will be discussed at the next book group meeting Rosco McAdams and his younger brother and sister have always lived with their parents, Sebastian and Moonstar, in an isolated cabin high on a ridge in California's northern Sierra. The children have mostly been home-schooled. However, each year In the spring when Moonstar can't take the snow anymore, she has taken the children down the mountain to a school and has returned back to the small cabin in the late summer. But In April 1981, Moonstar, because of a fluke,becomes a substitute teacher in a small town. Thirteen year old Roscoe assumes that when summer comes, they will go back to the ridge and to the father. But they don't, and then everything Roscoe thinks he knows begins to fall apart.

This novella won the Silver Medal in the Commonwealth Club’s 85th Annual California Book Awards, which recognized the best published writings in California in 2015. Elevation: 6,040 also won the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize.

Please come join us in this upcoming discussion.