Commonwealth National Podcast

Women and Chocolate: A Natural Combination (6/25/09)

Mindy Fong, Owner, Jade Chocolates
Christine Doerr, Founder and CEO, Neo Cocoa
Malena Lopez-Maggi, Owner, The Xocolate Bar
Kathy Wiley, Owner, Poco Dolce
Dayna Macy, Communications Director, Yoga Journal; Writer – Moderator

Aztec chili, fresh lime zest, lavender walnut and dulce de leche chipotle are just a few of the flavor combinations that our chocolatier panelists have paired with high-quality chocolate. These women also share a passion for sourcing fresh, local ingredients and all have turned artisanal chocolate making into a high art form. Come discover why women and chocolate are a natural combination. And don’t miss the chocolate tasting after the panel discussion!

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on June 25, 2009.