Wanting It All: Career, Motherhood, Self (11/2/2006)


Joan Blades, Co-founder, MoveOn.org; Co-founder and President, MomsRising.org
Julie Chiron, Fundraising Campaign Web Manager, UC Berkeley
Daphne De Marneffe, Author, Maternal Desire
Jane Ganahl, Columnist; Author; Co-Founder, LitQuake

Is womanhood in 2007 harder than ever? Momprenuers, telecommuters and stay-at-home dads have changed the meaning of motherhood and the opportunities that women can pursue. Yet mothers often still do the lion’s share of child rearing and have to contend with wage inequalities, childcare costs and mixed messages from popular culture. Is it really career versus motherhood? Motherhood and career versus sanity? How do women today weigh the burdens and benefits? Our panelists will explore the personal, political and social implications of being a mother and offer differing perspectives on this real-life decision.

This program was recorded live on November 2, 2006.