Urban Etiquette: Manners And Civility in the 21st Century (11/13/2006)


Charles Purdy, "Mr. Social Grace" Columnist, SF Weekly, KFOG and Gay.com; Author, Urban Etiquette
Jeff Sherman, Professor of Social Psychology, University of California at Davis
Laura Lewis, Business Etiquette Instructor, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Cisco Systems
Trish McDermott,
 Co-founder, Match.com; VP and Chief Matchmaker, Engage.com
Paul Wilner,
 Style Editor, San Francisco Chronicle – Moderator

Would you wear flip-flops to a White House meeting? Is it okay to send a formal thank-you note by e-mail, or even instant message? Those who say no may say these examples indicate the decline of civilized society, while those who say yes may simply think manners and etiquette are changing with evolving technology and societal mores. Join our panelists in a discussion about whether young people have lost their manners or just have adapted them for the 21st century.

This program was recorded live on November 13, 2006.