Tools for Good: Transforming Your Business Skills to Make a Difference in the World (5/11/2009)


Lisa Gansky, Co-founder, Dos Margaritas; Advisor, New Resource Bank; Founder, oFoto, GNN
Maria Giudice,
 Founder and CEO, Hot Studio
Lisa Nash,
 CEO, Blue Planet Run
Blair Shane,
 Chief Marketing Officer, California Academy of Sciences

Four powerful executive women give the nuts and bolts of cross-mapping your skills to current-day issues that have the greatest need – climate, culture, water, housing, education and beyond. Learn how to generate passion in your organization, your community and in the world, and how to repackage and reconfigure your own skill set to become a successful agent for change, no matter where you are.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on May 11, 2009.