Third Party Gubernatorial Candidates for California 2006 (10/30/2006)


Peter Camejo, Green Party Candidate for Governor of California
Janice Jordan
, Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for Governor of California
Edward Noonan
, American Independent Party Candidate or Governor of California
Art Olivier
, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of California

Four third-party candidates will lay out their platforms and visions for the Golden State's next four years. With some Californians growing weary of the increasingly negative gubernatorial battle between incumbent Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic challenger Phil Angelides, third-party candidates are trying to woo voters away from the two-party system. In a truly representative democracy, they say, D and R shouldn't be the only letters voters see on the ballot.

Given the highly polarized political climate, the panel will discuss the perils and possibilities of third party candidates to offer fresh thinking on stale policy as well as the role independents play in moving political debate away from the black and white sound-bites of the major parties.

This program was recorded live on October 30, 2006.