Commonwealth National Podcast

Sports Ethics: It's a Whole New Ball Game (5/22/2008)


Bill Romanowsky, "Romo," Former NFL Linebacker, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and other teams
Warren Strudwick, M.D., Team Physician, Oakland Raiders, U.S. Track and Field Team
Mark Fenaru-Wada, Investigative reporter ESPN
Ron Barr, Journalist and Sports Broadcaster, Sports Byline USA

High-profile extra-professional affairs with violence, gambling, drug use and sexism have deeply affected the notion of the noble sports hero. Hard work and natural talent should be what makes certain players the best in their league, right? Perhaps our perception that professional athletes automatically deserve role-model status was foul from the start. Have sports just become another business where ethics come second to winning? Is that so bad? Come bat around the idea of sports' dark underside with a panel of athletic experts.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience on May 22, 2008.