Commonwealth National Podcast

Rogue States and WMD-Panel Discussion


Featuring Panelists:
AMY SANDS, Provost and Academic Vice President, Monterey Institute for International Studies
PHILIP YUN, Former Senior Policy Adviser on North Korea to Defense Secretary William Perry
DR. GLORIA DUFFY, President and CEO, The Commonwealth Club - Moderator

North Korea's recent nuclear test has shocked global leaders and sent them scrambling for a solution. What can the U.S. and the greater international community do about weapons-hungry "rogue states" such as Iran and North Korea? Veterans in the fields of arms control and nonproliferation, Sands and Yun know all too well the formidable challenges to intelligence gathering, policymaking and international negotiation. They will offer advice on how to handle rogue states and avert nuclear warfare as well as how to assess the capabilities of Pyongyang.

This program was recorded live on October 12, 2006