Commonwealth National Podcast

Renovating from Old to Green: A Homeowner’s Fable

Robert Emery Smith, Director of Technology Services, Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute, Stanford; Video Engineer

Smith’s dreams of turning an old cabin into a green home provide a grounded theory application in evaluating and using the new sustainable technologies for home ownership, improvement and renovation. Smith tells us what he learned, frustrations and outcomes of the home-based green technologies on the market today. His visual documentary is a “cradle to cradle” story of going home green. In addition to his pioneering work as Director of Technology for Stanford University&;s Center for Innovations, Smith has been project leader for state-of-the art technology, commercial design and project management for InTex, David Kelley Design and Tandem Computers.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on March 16, 2010.