Commonwealth National Podcast

Panel: The San Francisco Beer Story (1/25/2008)


Justin Crossley, Radio Host, ”Brewcaster,” The Brewing Network and CBS Radio
John Foster, Co-host, Webcast
Nico Freccia, Beer Journalist; Co-owner, 21st Amendment Restaurant and Brewery
Dan Gordon, Co-founder and Master Brewer, Gordon Biersch
David McLean, Owner and Brewmaster, Magnolia Pub and Brewery
Bobby Coleman, Co-founder, San Francisco Brewers Guild - Moderator

The American craft beer explosion currently enlivening the gastronomic scene has long had its epicenter in San Francisco, where brewing traditions and techniques have been thriving since before the Gold Rush. Join the San Francisco Brewers Guild and a panel of industry experts to learn about beer pairings with a variety of cuisine and explore the colorful history and culture of the area's brewing scene. The program will conclude with a tasting of exquisite artisan cheese paired with delicious beers from these brewers: 21st Amendment, Anchor Brewing Co., Beach Chalet/Park Chalet, Gordon Biersch, Magnolia, San Francisco Brewing Company, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, ThirstyBear Restaurant and Brewery, and Wunder Brewing Co.

This program was recorded live on January 25, 2008.