Commonwealth National Podcast

Panel: Post Election Analysis. Bloggers, pundits and political insiders review the 2008 election and what it meant for the nation (11/19/2008)


Frank Russo, Founder, California Progress Report
Mark DiCamillo, Director, The Field Poll
Josh Richman, Political Blotter blogger, Bay Area News Group - East Bay
Thomas Del Beccaro, Vice Chairman, California GOP; Publisher, Political Vanguard
Carla Marinucci, Political Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle – Moderator

As the dust from a historic election clears, INFORUM assembles leading pollsters, bloggers and pundits, each with a unique perspective on the election and voting trends. Was the YouTube effect truly as pivotal as the introduction of TV into the Nixon-JFK presidential race? Will the election of our first African-American president change the face of American politics and presidential races? How did other issues influence the outcome of the election? Come and find out what this historic election year means for us and for President-Elect Barack Obama.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on November 19, 2008.