Commonwealth National Podcast

Panel Discussion: Reflections on Ken Burns' "The War" (1/10/2008)



LYNN NOVICK, Co-Director, The War

SASCHA WEINZHEIMER, Sacramento Witness

DAVID KENNEDY, Professor of History, Stanford University

BURNETT MILLER, Sacramento Witness; Participant; World War II Veteran


Participants of the critically acclaimed documentary “The War,” including the co-director Lynn Novick, will discuss the making of the Word War II film and the stories that comprise the seven-episode series. The film, which took six years to make, looks at four towns—Mobile, Sacramento, Waterbury, Conn. and Luverne, Minn.—and interviews more than 40 men and women who recall how the war impacted these places.

The 15-hour documentary is considered the latest masterpiece of accomplished documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, whose credentials include “The Civil War,” “Baseball,” and “Jazz.” For “The War,” Burns joined Lynn Novick in directing it; Novick is a former researcher and associate producer for PBS’s Bill Moyers. Novick also co-directed with Burns the two-part documentary “Frank Lloyd Wright” and was a producer of “Baseball,” for which she won an Emmy Award.

David Kennedy is the Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History at Stanford University. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a fellow at the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. Sascha Weinzheimer and Burnett Miller, a World War II veteran, both were interviewed for “The War” from Sacramento’s perspective.

This program was recorded live on January 10, 2008