Commonwealth National Podcast

Moving Forward in Iraq-A Town Hall Panel Discussion



James H. Noyes, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Neil MacFarquhar, Correspondent and Former Cairo Bureau Chief, The New York Times

Jeffrey Bale, Assistant Professor of History, Politics and Sociology, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Maziar Behrooz, Assistant Professor of History, San Francisco State University

Michael Brandis, Former Counselor and Senior Assistant for Counterprolifertion Policy, Defense Department - Moderator

As the U.S. occupation of Iraq enters its fifth year this month, many Americans are wondering whether their government is any closer to determining an exit strategy or a road map for future policy in the Middle East. Death tolls for both Iraqi civilians and American armed forces continue to mount amidst flared tensions with Iraq’s neighbors, most notably Iran, while the Bush Administration faces an increasingly uphill battle to convince the American public that its mission must still be accomplished. Under these conditions, is there any hope for a positive outcome or an American withdrawal from the Middle East in the near future? Is peace with honor even a possibility in the case of the Iraq War? Michael Brandis will moderate this town hall meeting discussion with experts in foreign policy and international relations to address these questions and other pressing issues facing the U.S. government as it seeks to find a way out of the current Iraqi quagmire. Speakers will also explore ways to heal and move forward here at home.

This program was recorded live on March 21, 2007