Michael Mamas: The Impending Fate of Spirituality (3/30/2009)


Michael Mamas, MBA, DVM; Founder, The School for the Evolution of Humanity; Founder and CEO, The Center of Rational Spirituality; Author, Look Deeper, Live Better, The Golden Frog and How to Be Your Own Best Psychotherapist

In these tumultuous times, the world is effervescing with dramatic change. Is atheism destined to reign? Could current views on spirituality be revealed as bogus? Will one religion dominate in the future? The only Westerner to receive from India's Sanskrit College at the University of Gujarat the title "Spiritual Master," Mamas will share how he believes a spiritual upheaval will birth a new context for all fields of study, business and daily life.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on March 30, 2009.