Commonwealth National Podcast

Matt Miller: The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: How to Make Health Care More Efficient (2/11/2009)


Matt Miller, Contributing Editor, Fortune; Senior Fellow, the Center for American Progress; Host, Left, Right, and Center; Author, The Tyranny of Dead Ideas and The Two-Percent Solution

In the wake of President Obama's call for change, Miller proposes new ideas for health care and other sectors that he believes will ensure a safe and secure future for all Americans. A longtime advocate for re-evaluating our government's foundation, Miller’s reassessment of entrenched political conventions challenges the traditional wisdom of politicians. Miller outlines ways to combat these “dead ideas” and overcome the impediments to the ultimate goal of an accessible, affordable American health-care system. He served as an aide to President Clinton and is trusted on both sides of the aisle as a visionary with solutions.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on February 11, 2009.