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Marwan Muasher, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Jordan; Author, The Arab Center


Marwan Muasher, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Jordan; Author, The Arab Center

Finding Moderation in the Middle East

Marwan Muasher, Jordan’s first ambassador to Israel and former ambassador to the US, will discuss the viability and success of moderation in Arab politics today. Many international leaders and scholars agree that compromise and centrist policies are essential to peace and stability in the Middle East, but religious and political extremism has been growing. Muasher will assess how the middle road approach to reform is faring and explain why current tactics used by the West to deal with Islamic groups are doomed to failure. He will also discuss the importance of and the challenges facing moderates in the Arab world.

Marwan Muasher is the Senior Vice President of External Affairs for the World Bank. He recently published his first book, The Arab Center: The Promise of Moderation. He served as Jordan’s first ambassador to Israel and was also ambassador to the United States, spokesperson at peace talks in Madrid and Washington, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Prime Minister in charge of reform. Muasher began his career as a journalist for the Jordan Times. He then served from 1985 to 1990 at the Ministry of Planning and later as press advisor to the Prime Minister. He also served as Director for the Jordan Information Bureau in Washington, building understanding and support in Congress, the press, and civil society. Muasher holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience on July 8, 2008