Litquake, Inforum and Good Lit Talk About Science and Religion: Are They Irreconcilable? (10/9/2007)


Michael Lerner, Rabbi, Beyt Tikkun Synagogue; Editor, Tikkun Magazine; Author, The Left Hand of God
Joan Roughgarden, Professor, Stanford University; Author, Evolution and the Christian Faith
Robert Russell
, Founder and Director, The Center for Theology and Natural Science; Author, Cosmology, Evolution and Resurrection Hope
Dr. George Smoot,
 Nobel Laureate; Professor, UC Berkeley
Joe Quirk,
 Author, Sperm are from Men Eggs are from Women - Moderator

San Francisco’s annual Litquake literary festival returns to INFORUM for an evening with a Rabbi, an astrophysicist and Nobel laureate, a biologist and a theologian. Is the origin of the universe and existence of the soul better explained through science, religion or a little bit of both? Religion and science have long competed for the answers. A panel of experts from biology, Christianity, Judaism and physics discuss the origin of the universe and the existence of the soul.

This program was recorded live on October 9, 2007.