The LGBT Movement in California: The Way Forward (8/5/09)

Aaron Peskin, Chairman, Democratic County Central Committee; Former President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Laura Spanjian, Member, Democratic Central Committee, 13th District
Andrea Shorter, Campaign Director, And Marriage 4 All

San Francisco political leaders Peskin, Spanjian and Shorter team up for a riveting discussion on marriage equality and the future of the LGBT movement in California. The California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Proposition 8 has brought greater definition and a renewed determination to the efforts of human rights campaigns, organizations and individuals working statewide toward the legalization of the right for gay and lesbian people to marry. Panelists will demonstrate the ways in which their work and leadership are helping to bring legal and social advancement to the LGBT community.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on August 5, 2009.