Letter To President Obama: Path to a Greener Future (2/12/2009)


Linda Adams, Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency
Carter Roberts, CEO, World Wildlife Fund U.S.
Jim Wunderman, President and CEO, Bay Area Council
Greg Dalton, Vice President Commonwealth Club

Can President Obama heal the economy and turn it green at the same time? He says yes, he can – by pumping investment into modern infrastructure, renewable fuels and new technologies. Can he and his cabinet really do all that and also uphold promises to protect national parks, balance the needs for food and energy, and create new jobs? Perhaps he can if he develops a clearly defined roadmap that tackles today’s multi-faceted and intertwined problems of national and energy security, global poverty, and climate change. A leading policymaker, advocate and businessperson discuss what Obama should do to realize his vision for America, and what that means for California.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on February 12, 2009.