Health of Africa: A Look into the 21st Century


JAY D. KEASLING, Founding Director, Synthetic Biology Department,
UC Berkeley
NANCY S. PADIAN, Ph.D., Executive Director, Women's Global Health
Imperative, UCSF; Director of International Programs, AIDS Research Institute, UCSF
MUADI MUKENGE, Program Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa, The Global Fund for Women
JOANNE LESLIE, PhD., Trustee, Freedom from Hunger; Professor of Women’s Health and Nutrition, UCLA

BARBARA RODGERS, Anchor, "Eyewitness News," CBS 5 - Moderator

Political independence has brought high hopes to many African states over the last half century; sadly, these nations have been overwhelmed by a deluge of obstacles that stand in the way of acceptable public health standards. The HIV/AIDS epidemic has had a devastating effect on communities and economies. Access to clean drinking water is still a problem for hundreds of millions of people. Preventable diseases such as malaria thrive in impovrished. Experts will gather to discuss major health problems in Africa and share messages of hope amidst the struggle. This is the second in a series of panels by INFORUM on Africa. The first panel, "U.S. Policy Toward Africa," was held on February 16th, 2006.

This program was recorded live on August 7, 2006