Gil Penalosa: Building Livable Streets (11/13/2008)


Gil Penalosa on Reclaiming Cities for People

How can major cities all over the world reclaim their streets for the people? Penalosa transformed Bogota, Colombia, with his Ciclovia project, which opens more than 70 miles of streets to 1.5 million people each week. Penalosa will discuss how the Ciclovia has promoted health, environmentalism, and increased economic vitality and competitiveness. Cities all over the world are following Colombia's lead and closing their streets to cars, allowing walkers, skaters and bicyclists to take over the streets. Hear Penalosa describe how he is helping cities become a part of this international phenomenon, and why he thinks it is important for more cities to follow this road less travelled.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience on November 13, 2008.