George Shultz & William Perry-Former Secretaries of State & Defense



George Shultz, Former U.S. Secretary of State; Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution

William Perry, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense; Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution

A bipartisan team of George Shultz and William Perry discuss the spread of nuclear weapons and offer up a once-radical alternative: a world without nukes. The accelerated spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear know-how and nuclear material has brought us to a nuclear tipping point. Many people increasingly fear that the most destructive weapons ever created could fall into the hands of extremists or terrorists. Shultz, secretary of state under President Reagan, and Perry, secretary of defense under President Clinton, examine the world's ability to control the spread of these WMDs.
Hear two leading political and military strategists share their views on the potential for a nuclear catastrophe and discuss the possible elimination of these weapons

This program was recorded in front of a live audience on April 2, 2008