Climate Countdown: Can The World Cut A Deal? The Nature Conservancy, California Resources Agency


Climate Countdown: Can the World Cut a Deal?

Tony Brunello, Deputy Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, California

Louis Blumberg, Director, CA Forest and Climate Policy, The Nature Conservancy

Aimee Christensen, Founder and CEO, Christensen Global Strategies

Greg Dalton, Vice President, The Commonwealth Club; Founder, Climate One – Moderator

In 2009, the world will try to craft the next comprehensive environmental treaty. To move forward, there must be multi-lateral consensus on the priorities in the global climate crisis. Recently, the UN Climate Change Conference convened 11,000 people from nearly 190 nations to focus on these challenges. How will governments, business and civil society come together to create plans for action and real solutions? What part will the U.S. play in the next protocol? This panel of insiders will give you the scoop and update you on what you need to know about the U.N.'s negotiations on climate change.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on January 15, 2009