Cars: Clean Them or Crush Them. International Council on Clean Transportation, Clean Air Initiative (Asia), and UC Berkeley


Cars: Clean Them or Crush Them?

Kate Blumberg, Research Director,International Center for Clean Transportation

Cornie Huizenga, Vice-Chair, Clean Air Initiative, Asia Center

Michael O’Hare, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Lee Schipper, Project Scientist, Global Metropolitan Studies, UC Berkeley

Greg Dalton, Commonwealth Club Vice President, Moderator

The number of cars in the world may double in twenty years to 2 billion if the emerging middle

class in India and China get their hands on a new set of wheels. The global economic recession is causing some

countries to invest in rail and other cleaner modes of transportation. At the same time, the recession prompted China to

to relax regulations on autos to boost its economy.

What are the consequences for global climate and quality of life in Asia?

What are the alternatives for personal mobility? Will Asian cities choose the problematic western model?

How can the US improve its transportation policies and technologies? Is the answer cleaner cars or fewer cars?

This program was recorded at The Commonwealth Club on January 22, 2009