Buy, Sell or Wait: Real Estate in the Bay Area (2/26/2007)


Vince Malta, San Francisco Realtor; President, California Association of Realtors
Joseph Perkins,
 President and CEO, Home Builders Association of Northern California
Rich Arzaga,
 Financial Planner; Professor, Real Estate Investment, U.C. Berkeley Extension
Cynthia Kroll,
 Senior Regional Economist, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, U.C. Berkeley
Carol Lloyd, Columnist
 “Surreal Estate,” San Francisco Chronicle – Moderator

The high-tech economy has exploded the cost of Bay Area housing to surreal proportions and we have all become witnesses to its drama. We gaze at the pictures in realty windows, amuse our voyeuristic impulses at open houses, trade tales of eviction, memorize exorbitant prices, and compare the changing faces of neighborhoods. (Add sentence here about pitfalls or opportunities for buyers and sellers?) Our expert panel will explain the current real estate situation in the Bay Area, the do's and dont's of buying or selling, and how you can make smart investments for the future.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience on February 26, 2007.