Commonwealth National Podcast

Assistive Technology for Seniors (7/30/09)

Ben Wilson, Director of Health Care IT, Intel Digital Health Group
Eric Mann, Vice President of Marketing, Posit Science
Heather Stevens, Co-founder, Life at Home Longer
Maham Daher, Co-founder, Life at Home Longer – Moderator

One in four American families currently provides care-giving assistance to a senior relative. Innovative, senior-friendly technologies can allow your parents, elder relatives and friends to stay safe at home, socially connected, healthy, and help you more easily manage their well being. Learn how seniors can age in their own homes with safety, comfort and independence. How can technology help overcome common challenges people face as they age? Panelists will also discuss brain fitness technology, home monitoring systems, senior-friendly e-mail options, personal emergency response systems, electronic pill dispensers and more. 

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on July 30, 2009.