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Love Letters: Not a Lost Art At All

In this two-thumb era of texting, we often gain the joy of immediacy, and sometimes the passion embedded in urgency. But we also lose something—from answering machines to a whole other world of snags.

The speaker will touch on the gripping history of letter writing and talk about why handwritten letters have unmatched power for the short term and for generations to come (as part of your history and legacy to your descendants). She will also discuss what counts as a love letter and how it feels to write and receive one.

Remember: What comes from the heart, enters the heart. Every love letter changes a life in some way. Dive in and let Gallin show you how to use the power lurking within.

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John Milford

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This program has been cancelled.

The Commonwealth Club
555 Post St.
San Francisco, 94102
United States

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Janet Gallin
Host, Love Letters Live; Columnist,